InsuraGuest Technologies Inc. Launches InsuraGuest Risk Purchasing Group, LLC

Mar 24, 2020

InsuraGuest Technologies Inc. (the “Company”) (TSX- V: ISGI) recently announced the launch of its new division, InsuraGuest Risk Purchasing Group, LLC (InsuraGuest RPG).  

InsuraGuest RPG, has received its certificate of approval from the State of Nevada Division of Insurance, which allows the Company’s group of unassociated businesses, hotels and vacation rentals with similar risk profiles to take advantage of a joint insurance purchase.

“We are combining insurance and technology to build a world-class insurtech (insurance + technology) company, thus creating long-term value for our shareholders,” stated Douglas Anderson, chairman and CEO of InsuraGuest. “The InsuraGuest RPG enables us to offer our clients the liability coverage they need to protect their property.”

InsuraGuest Insurance Agency, LLC (a wholly owned subsidiary of Company) will administer the InsuraGuest RPG for hotels and vacation rentals: License – UT: 736373